The world has taken a pause to watch our nation face the largest demonstration against injustice and racism, and for human rights. We created a 6-point action plan for advancing the discussion on race, law enforcement engagement and inclusion.


Leverage our For More Than Profit philosophy and culture to impact the outcome on race, engagement with law enforcement, equity and inclusion.

View the milestones of our continued progress here. 

The 6-Point Action Plan

Workstreams & Scope:

1. Recruiting

Objective: Intentionally enhance our ability to attract, engage and hire diverse talent to the Rock Family of Companies.

Focus Areas: Data, Recruitment Marketing, Training


2. Team Member Engagement

Objective: Provide increased opportunities and awareness to engage our team members and provide a space to express concerns, thoughts, feelings and learn about equity and inclusion in the FOC.

Focus Areas: TM Sentiment Measurement, Resources, Training


3. Leadership Development

Objective: Activate diverse leadership pipelines and leadership readiness while providing clear accountability measures around inclusive leadership behaviors.

Focus Areas: Internal Leadership Opportunities, Training, Accountability


4. External Affairs & Community Partnerships

Objective: Leverage our position as the nation’s largest mortgage lender to drive systemic change to bridge the racial homeownership gap.

Focus Areas: Local, State & Federal Policy, TM & Community Education


5. Law Enforcement Engagement

Objective: Expand engagement with the Detroit Police Department (DPD) to help them increase information sharing with their key stakeholders and the community.

Focus Areas: DPD Liasons, TM Engagement


6. Communications

Objective: Provide regular and comprehensive D&I communications to ensure transparency to our Team Members, Clients and Community members.

Focus Areas: Internal Communication Plan, FOC Communication/Engagement, External Communications