These are exciting times for Detroit! The influx of new energy, people and jobs is redefining the Motor City and its image. Rock Ventures is playing an important part in this evolution by investing in infrastructure, innovation and people to help create a bright future.

The QLINE will offer 3.3 miles of streetcar access along downtown Detroit’s busiest thoroughfare. The mission of the QLINE is to serve as a catalyst for investment, development and urban renewal in downtown Detroit. Running the length of Woodward Avenue, the QLINE will connect the Detroit riverfront to the New Center and North End neighborhoods. Rock Ventures is among several private investors in the project, which broke ground in the summer of 2014 and is expected to be completed in 2017. Visit for more information.

In May 2014, the Detroit Blight Removal Task Force presented a straightforward and detailed implementation plan to remove every blighted residential structure, commercial structure and public building, and clear every blighted vacant lot in the city of Detroit as quickly as possible using an environmentally-conscious approach. The plan recommendations focused on creating economic opportunities for the city and its people, as well as dramatically improving the safety of residents and first responders. Visit for more information. The Task Force was co-chaired by Dr. Glenda Price – President of Detroit Public Schools Foundation Linda Smith – Executive Director of U-SNAP-BAC, Inc. and U-SNAP-BAC Non-Profit Housing Corp. Dan Gilbert – Chairman and Founder of Rock Ventures and Quicken Loans

Blight Task Force Book Cover

Placemaking is a multi-faceted approach to the planning, design and management of public spaces. Simply put, it’s uncovering the needs of the people who live, work and play in a space to develop a common vision for its potential. As a philosophy, placemaking helps unite people behind the area in which they’re personally invested. And in a city like Detroit where hometown pride thrives, community input makes all the difference in the world! The more voices with vested interests make themselves heard – from vendor corporations and commuters to community activists – the better off Detroit will be as a whole. Placemaking initiatives began with concerts and shows in downtown’s community parks and expanded to attractions like a beach in the middle of Campus Martius, food huts and trucks in Cadillac Square, oversized chess games on the sidewalk, free Wi-Fi and much more. For a full listing of activities in the parks of downtown Detroit, visit


Opportunity Detroit is both a mission and a brand that promotes downtown Detroit as a great place to live, work and play. The campaign launched as a partnership between several downtown Detroit businesses, the Detroit Regional Chamber and dozens of civic and philanthropic organizations in the city. Opportunity Detroit continues to evolve by telling Detroit’s story as an emerging high-tech hub, and the story of the city’s ongoing transformation from muscle economy to brain economy. Visit for more information.

The city of Detroit has seen an explosive growth in tech-based startups, but brick-and-mortar, neighborhood businesses are foundational to continue moving the momentum forward.

As an organization, Rock Ventures is committed to creating structures for economic growth in both sectors – tech and neighborhood entrepreneurs – with a bold goal of bringing 1,000 NEW BUSINESS IDEAS TO ACTION EVERY YEAR.


Rock Ventures is determined to work with community leaders to shape programing in the most meaningful way, and use the vast network and resources in the organization to assist ALL entrepreneurs in Detroit. Initiatives include:

*Capital investments with tools ranging from seed to growth to equity
*Partnering with and investing in local, entrepreneurial service providers
*Events that leverage the experience of local, national, and international entrepreneurs
*Consult with local government and community partners to decrease regulatory barriers of launching a business
*Connectivity to the Rock Ventures Family of Companies

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